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The Process of the Renaissance

The Renaissance process of preparing for a painting
includes detailed study of anatomy, careful arraignment into dynamic symmetry and a multitude of preliminary drawings. Here are a few from "The Lost Sheep" mural project,
click to see full image:

Beautiful Jesus PictureJesus Lamb SketchJesus Picture Preliminary
Beautiful Jesus sketch
Art Grid of Jesus Painting
Jesus Print Lamb Study
Jesus Print Sheep StudySheep Anatomy Study for Jesus PaintingSheep Anatomy Study for Jesus Painting
Human Anatomy Study
Human Anatomy StudyHuman Anatomy Study

I used a number of sources for my anatomical studies
including many of my own photos. Above are just a few
that were used in the project. Click to see larger image:
Last but not least, the entire church prayed for the
painting. We prayed that those that saw the
painting would know that Jesus does not reject them,
but longs to embrace them: